May 26, 2012

What To Wear To A Job Interview...?

The Look Lite loves the creative movers and shakers of the world, 
and creating dreamy wardrobe looks to match.

Landing a cool new job often requires you to shop your own closet 
- once you land the position feel free to cash in that first pay cheque 
and buy yourself a new signature piece...
But, until then, here are three looks to inspire success.

You need to go anywhere, do anything, and be ready for the impossible.
Look the part in the fashion uniform - BLACK.  This is also a great idea
for those of us on a budget.   Add a few great accessories to highlight 
 your stylish personality, without taking attention away from your talents.  
Like getting the right mocha, decaf, soy, triple shots.  Stat. 

You meet the deadlines.  You edit the copy.  Your business is words.
Your look is sharp.  Keep it tidy in a pencil skirt.  
Work the 'Secretary' vibe in heels and opaques.  A painterly blouse
brings out your girly side in the office - feel free to add a pussy bow for effect.
A la Maggie Gyllenhaal.  Just go easy on the overtime...

All of the work - none of the credit.
So let your outfit do the talking.
Be your own mood board - embrace colour blocking, scarves,
bright tights and layers.  Use your innate design skills to create
a walking masterpiece.  But always keep it office appropriate -
and ready to hit those Friday Night Drinks in style...

Need more wardrobe inspo?
Ask The Look Lite Team today!

{Images created via Looklet}

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