May 27, 2012

Snuggie Time!

What's not to love about this time of year?

The soft glow of scented candles begin to waft through the house.  A bowl of hot soup becomes the lunch choice de jour.  And spending Sundays rugged up with a great book on the window seat feels like heaven.

 While the sun may still be shining, the temperature Down Under has certainly dropped.
Save yourself the trouble of an allergy attack when you try to drag out last year's jumpers and jump online to make the most of the northern hemisphere sales.

One of The Look Lite's favourite shopping destinations 
has given us a lot to get smug about this Sunday. (Hooray for ASOS!)

{ASOS ringspun fluffy cardigan $76.50}
Be a Muppet for a day and wrap yourself in furry liquorice and relax.

{ASOS club L americana sweater $30.60}
Stars and stripes and warmth and joy and lazy days forever.

{ASOS fairisle pinafore dress $26.35}
Apres ski coming soon to a lounge room near you.

{ASOS glamourous stripe blanket cardigan $51.00}
Drape yourself in a blankie.  You've earned it this winter.

And lastly...

{ASOS premium lace jumper $44.20}
...stay pretty.

(Images created via Polyvore}

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