May 8, 2012

i heart SHOESDAYS!

{photos created using Looklet}

{ASOS abbot suede chelsea ankle boots with block heel $69.64}

Here at The Look Lite we wanted to create something we can all look forward to every week.  And, drum roll please, it starts today. 
 Every Tuesday = Shoesday!

Some of us class ourselves as 'Bag Ladies' (don't fret, my pretties, something sweet comes your way...) and some of us identify with the internationally recognizable and extremely well shod 'Shoe Gal'.  The Look Lite's favourite Shoe Gal and all over best dressed character ever, Carrie Bradshaw, has allowed us to embrace this need for lovely foot coverings, and we felt the need to celebrate it.
Every week.  Joy!
{ASOS adrenaline leather western ankle boots $69.64}

Autumn is all about boots.  Let's face it - our tootsies are beginning to feel the chill and the mood on the street is getting tougher as the days become shorter.  The Look Lite team has tapped into the international high street to bring you the styles you need now.   

{J.CREW ryder boots $181.65}

{J.CREW billie short buckle boots $139.73}

[The mid calf boot can be tricky if you don't get the fit right, so the buckle boot is a little touch of genius.]
{ASOS messeca juliana wooden sole elastic side boot $247.87}
{URBAN OUTFITTERS minimarket della boot $289.99}

{H&M suede boots 14.99GBP}
{MADEWELL the old town boot $154.99}
[Jewel tone alert!]

Happy Shoesday, Everyone!

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