May 31, 2012

Under The Weather...

We are a fully sick bunch...
Well - we've got a cold and are feeling very pouty.
We're off to bed to recuperate...and browse the net for more fashionable steals.
If you're feeling low, we send you lots of 'get-well-soons'.

{Images created via Polyvore}

The Look Lite WARDROBE 1.01

Want a peek inside The Look Lite closet?
We've dreamt up some gorgeous everyday looks you might see us wearing while we work hard bringing you the latest fashion steals from around the world wide web...

Tell us - what are your favourite fashion essentials?

{Images styled by The Look Lite Lady via Looklet}

May 29, 2012

Weddings, Parties, Anything...

Dear Fabulous Look Lite Reader,
Are you invited to an amazing night out/wedding/rendezvous?
Great - can't wait to see you there!
Love from,
The Look Lite Team.

PS. Now all you need is the shoes - and that's where we step in...

PLATFORM (plural platforms)
1. A raised stage from which speeches are made and on which musical and other performances are made.
2. Basically, these are your licence to get up and party...
{WITTNER sassy $94.95}   {WITTNER spicer $49.95}   {WITTNER suffix $89.95}

STILETTO (plural stilettos or stilettoes)
1. A short sharp knife or dagger-like weapon intended for stabbing.
2. They don't call them 'killer heels' for nothing...
{MIMCO satellite stiletto $89.95}   {MIMCO poppy pump $59.95}   {MIMCO confucius heel $99.95}

EMBELLISHMENT (plural embellishments)
1. An unnecessarily added touch, and ornamental edition, a flourish.
2. There is NOTHING unnecessary about these beauties.  Wear or proudly display in a glass cabinet...

May 27, 2012

Snuggie Time!

What's not to love about this time of year?

The soft glow of scented candles begin to waft through the house.  A bowl of hot soup becomes the lunch choice de jour.  And spending Sundays rugged up with a great book on the window seat feels like heaven.

 While the sun may still be shining, the temperature Down Under has certainly dropped.
Save yourself the trouble of an allergy attack when you try to drag out last year's jumpers and jump online to make the most of the northern hemisphere sales.

One of The Look Lite's favourite shopping destinations 
has given us a lot to get smug about this Sunday. (Hooray for ASOS!)

{ASOS ringspun fluffy cardigan $76.50}
Be a Muppet for a day and wrap yourself in furry liquorice and relax.

{ASOS club L americana sweater $30.60}
Stars and stripes and warmth and joy and lazy days forever.

{ASOS fairisle pinafore dress $26.35}
Apres ski coming soon to a lounge room near you.

{ASOS glamourous stripe blanket cardigan $51.00}
Drape yourself in a blankie.  You've earned it this winter.

And lastly...

{ASOS premium lace jumper $44.20}
...stay pretty.

(Images created via Polyvore}

May 26, 2012

What To Wear To A Job Interview...?

The Look Lite loves the creative movers and shakers of the world, 
and creating dreamy wardrobe looks to match.

Landing a cool new job often requires you to shop your own closet 
- once you land the position feel free to cash in that first pay cheque 
and buy yourself a new signature piece...
But, until then, here are three looks to inspire success.

You need to go anywhere, do anything, and be ready for the impossible.
Look the part in the fashion uniform - BLACK.  This is also a great idea
for those of us on a budget.   Add a few great accessories to highlight 
 your stylish personality, without taking attention away from your talents.  
Like getting the right mocha, decaf, soy, triple shots.  Stat. 

You meet the deadlines.  You edit the copy.  Your business is words.
Your look is sharp.  Keep it tidy in a pencil skirt.  
Work the 'Secretary' vibe in heels and opaques.  A painterly blouse
brings out your girly side in the office - feel free to add a pussy bow for effect.
A la Maggie Gyllenhaal.  Just go easy on the overtime...

All of the work - none of the credit.
So let your outfit do the talking.
Be your own mood board - embrace colour blocking, scarves,
bright tights and layers.  Use your innate design skills to create
a walking masterpiece.  But always keep it office appropriate -
and ready to hit those Friday Night Drinks in style...

Need more wardrobe inspo?
Ask The Look Lite Team today!

{Images created via Looklet}

May 25, 2012


{Image created via Polyvore}

Slick in the City...with MIMCO

Mimco has become a must-have in all Aussie girls' jewellery boxes.
From the first tiny tin of hair slides you bought over the counter at David Jones, to the extravagance of the signature button bags and wallets that you can make out as 'Mimco' a mile off, the brand is synonymous with style and substance.

They have grown and expanded their gorgeous line to include fabulous footwear. 
And guess what?!
Yes - they're having a sale!!!!!

Get on it, Ladies!
And in the meantime, snap up these classics to use as your everyday basics.

{Images via Mimco and Polyvore}

Glamour Gadgets...

Chances are you are viewing this on an iPhone.  Or an iPad.  Or a laptop.
Technology has firmly taken it's place in our daily life.
And now it's time to accessorize the accessories.

1.  THE iPhone CASE
Keep your new best friend stylish and safe with its own little home.
A flash of leopard print or jump on the colour block trend
and you won't miss a call or fashion moment. 

{COLETTE snake iPhone case $2.97}

You can't go wrong with an ode to Chloe circa Stella McCartney.
Boost the horsepower of your browser
 and play up online in zippy pink.

{SPORTSGIRL graphic iPad case $9.95}

Luxe snakeskin finish?  Check.
Sleek and compact design?  Check.
Grab-n-go handle?  Check.

Just put your iPad in it already - the rest is sartorial history!

{FOREVER NEW kaitlin tablet case $29.95}

May 23, 2012

Nailed It!

We have a confession to make.
We are addicted.
To a brilliant mani.

And what better way to incorporate the latest looks straight off the runway for a fraction of the price than indulging in a new colour every week. Or day, if the mood strikes...

YSL.  Smokey.  Romantic.  Paris.
If you're feeling fancy, try a french manicure with a splash of luxe.

Got the blues?  Highlight your hands with a pop of denim and a hint of sparkle.
Dress up a classic porcelain print and rock the hi/low glam angle.

Chanel.  This is the perfect opportunity to embrace matchy-matchy.
You'll get all your ducks in a row with chic efficiency.  We know this from experience...

Berry nice, indeed.  Be a little bit saucy and amp up the vamp factor - 
Red means GO!


Add these to cart NOW.

{Images via Polyvore, Strawberrynet and Sportsgirl}

May 22, 2012

Training Wheels...

OMG, it's SHOESDAY already!?   
Today The Look Lite dips it's toes into the world of the TRAINER.  
Oh, the Nineties.  
Thank you for two of your important contributions to the fashion world - 
Flannelette shirts (they're hot for this winter )
Trainers (as a fashionable footwear choice)
Back then, we blamed The Spice Girls and 'beat boys'.
Now it's Isabel Marant and 'hipsters'.

With the colder weather comes the need 
to keep moving.
And thanks to the kind world of fashion right now you can count those km's 
whether you're getting fit or just looking good doing your thing...

{Images via Polyvore, Foot Locker, Amart Allsports, Rubi Shoes, ASOS}