May 22, 2012

Training Wheels...

OMG, it's SHOESDAY already!?   
Today The Look Lite dips it's toes into the world of the TRAINER.  
Oh, the Nineties.  
Thank you for two of your important contributions to the fashion world - 
Flannelette shirts (they're hot for this winter )
Trainers (as a fashionable footwear choice)
Back then, we blamed The Spice Girls and 'beat boys'.
Now it's Isabel Marant and 'hipsters'.

With the colder weather comes the need 
to keep moving.
And thanks to the kind world of fashion right now you can count those km's 
whether you're getting fit or just looking good doing your thing...

{Images via Polyvore, Foot Locker, Amart Allsports, Rubi Shoes, ASOS}

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