May 16, 2012

What Is It About An "It Girl"...?

The recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia had us drooling over the amazing glamour that is fashion blogger style.  Natalie Joos, Elin Kling, Susie Lau and Candice Lake were in town and the web was awash with their casual/cool meets latest-luxe as they were snapped in all their glory.

 - The Statement Jacket : The cooler weather favours us Down Under at the moment.  Make the most of layering with the fash pack staples like the anorak or the cropped colour block blazer.

- The Statement Pant : They're everywhere at the moment.  Make like Stella with a tropical print or man up with a Celine-style stripe.  But remember its all about the fit.

- The Oversized Tote : Working the on the fashion front lines requires a Mary Poppins approach as you take your desk to the streets. iPad, camera, water bottle, make-up case for last minute touch ups, and a pair of flats for when the going gets tough...

- The Statement Jewels : Shine on with a little sparkle. Note To Self :- gems catch the light beautifully and the eye of the street photogs.  Whether you choose costume or fine jewellery, just don't let the sparkle outshine your smile.

- The Statement Shoe : Choose your poison, ladies.  Heels vs Flats - there is no easy answer.  Add a pop of colour if you want to let your toes take the limelight or glamourous sandals easily match our laid back Aussie ethos.

So how to cultivate the look on the 'sale' budget?
The Look Lite suggests these winning pieces.
Wear it your way.
And don't forget your best accessory - a million dollar smile for the camera.


  1. Tracy from AmericaFebruary 7, 2013 at 1:49 AM

    Hey Cindy! This is great. Very well done. I love your style and can see you in these outfits.

    1. Hello Tracy! Glad you're enjoying THE LOOK LITE.
      An added bonus for me - today is my birthday!! You're MY new favourite person ;)
      Back to style matters, these looks take me everywhere.
      I can't wait to rock my new bomber jacket I picked up on sale now that the weather is turner milder.
      It will fit seamlessly into any essentials wardrobe. Got to love that!
      What's on your shopping list for next season?
      TLL x