May 6, 2012

Night and Day - Two Hemispheres Collide in Fashion

A/W & S/S 2012

We love fashion.  We love to shop.  We love shopping so much that living week-to-week on a small salary and still being able to indulge in every fashionable whim we have is a way of life.  We scour magazines and blogs for sartorial inspiration, making mental notes of our next favourite things, and making it our mission to buy our dreams into reality.

And so The Look Lite was born.

Living beyond your means and within your budget;
It all comes down to the last dollar.

A/W12 Inspiration
Featuring: COS jacket, ALOHA MI LAJKI ring, 

Enter the arena of shopping the 'sale' items.  Whenever you are tempted to window-shop online, whether it be high end or high street, more often than not the best way to make the most of your fash cash is hitting up the sale items.  And boy, are there some amazing gems to be found.

Fashion often talks about 'last season'.  Let's turn that around.  Let's make it fashions's 'lasting impressionism' on your style and your purse.  We endeavour to bring you looks you'll love, super fash-cash challenges, a guide to keeping it chic and real - all at your fingertips.

S/S12 Inspiration
Featuring: GROUND ZERO top, ALTEWAI.SAOME skirt,
HOLLY FULTON bracelet, MARNI heels

When the seasons start to change here in Australia, how we do we adapt to the changing fashion landscape?

Trends we work Down Under are often seen as a couple of seasons behind the rest of the world as leading fashion magazines (Vogue US/UK, Harpers Bazaar US/UK, Elle US/UK) arrive on our shores a couple of months overdue and the focus is on the extravaganza of their fashion weeks - New York, London, Paris, Milan.  However, global warming has somewhat narrowed the playing field and we can look to our northern hemisphere sisters, embrace layers and borrow from the 'future'.  

Last week saw the explosion of local and international support for Australia's contribution with the highly publicised and much hyped Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney.  A big congratulations to our Aussie designers, PR mavens and fash pack who delivered a magical celebration of Antipodean style.

But, unless you indulge in the immediate pleasures of the airfreight mags - and spend your precious fashion dollars on these like the team at The Look Lite tend to do - the next best thing since high end designers collaborating with high street retailers, is our ability to access the best of global style via online shopping.  And embrace it we have.

Let's go shopping!

{photos created using Looklet}

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