We love fashion.  We love to shop.  We love shopping so much that living week-to-week on a small salary and still being able to indulge in every fashionable whim we have is a way of life.  We scour magazines and blogs for sartorial inspiration, making mental notes of our next favourite things, and making it our mission to buy our dreams into reality.

And so The Look Lite was born.

Living beyond your means and within your budget;
It all comes down to the last dollar.

Enter the arena of shopping the 'sale' items.  Whenever you are tempted to window-shop online, whether it be high end or high street, more often than not the best way to make the most of your fash cash is hitting up the sale items.  And boy, are there some amazing gems to be found.

Fashion often talks about 'last season'.  Let's turn that around.  Let's make it fashions's 'lasting impressionism' on your style and your purse.  We endeavour to bring you looks you'll love, super fash-cash challenges, a guide to keeping it chic and real - all at your fingertips.