May 17, 2012

Keeping Warm? Fingers Crossed...

{Image created via Polyvore}

Ladies - Looking to keep hands warm on a crisp autumn morning?
Look no further. 
 It's a great time to make the most of the northern hemisphere sales as they head into spring.
Just click and save.

The Look Lite offers up the goods 
to solve any extreme extremity issues.

{SPORTSGIRL petite leather glove $19.95}

1.  Motorcycle Cool

Hit the streets and live life in the fast lane
in these black leather gloves
that practically scream 
'I'm the BOSS'.

{ASOS stripe converter glove $8.50}

2. Hogwart's Happy Fingers 

These little winners are perfect
for the multi-taskers amongst us.  
Expelliarmus the cold and keep your
digits free to update your
status to something fashionable.

{ASOS jo gordon colourblock mittens $47.60}

3. For The New Girl 
In All Of Us 

Sunshine, Lollipops.
And Rainbows everywhere.
How could you possibly be cold
with hands like this?

{ASOS faux fur mittens $7.65}

4. Be The Snow Leopard 

Don't be afraid of whatever
is lurking out there in the urban jungle.
Who cares?
Your hands will be toasty in faux fur.

{TOPSHOP jacquard palm warmer 5GBP}

5. Just Like Nanna 
Used To Make 

Kitschy-chic has been brought back.
Blame the hipsters.
Drink your cider and revel in the cosiness.

{ASOS lowie cable long wool fingerless gloves $7.65}
6. The Long Arm
Of The Thaw

Think of these as your everyday
opera gloves. Elbow-length, bright blue, 
woollen friends that extend your warm and fuzzes.
Even in a t-shirt.
Wear at length.

Tell The Look Lite:
Which glove do you love?

1 comment:

  1. Thank you virtual über stylist! The leopard faux fur and the Hogwarts converter ones are dreamy (and affordable :D)