May 21, 2012

Made To Measure...

When online shopping was created, it was like one big, beautiful, shiny, neon backlit, happy, colourful, fashionable dream had come true.

It became possible to access all of the fancy eye candy you could manage to keep your little eyes focused on - at any time of the day or night.

Even all the way Down Under, if you weren't able to shop in Sydney, you finally had within your grasp the scrumptious world of international collections.

And then you could buy them.
Right from your bed.


But, with the unbelievable appearing before our eyes, so came the responsibility;
For the etailers to provide a the correct sizes.
And for us to know our sizes.

Luckily for us, most online shopping sites have taken the hard work out of the 'tricky fit' situation (like any good-at-their-job retail assistant should).  Search each site for a "size guide/chart"(often along the bottom of the page near FAQ's) and grab a measuring tape.

Keep your measurements nice and handy - stick them
on a post-it note and place on your monitor
for easy reference and shop 
with peace of mind

The Look Lite has already checked out a few Australian high street stores for you, and the following sites have handy size listings for your convenience here :-

But, we know you're itching to get back and fill up and check out that cart (we are too), 
so, below are the sizing charts from Sportsgirl.

Sounds like a perfect fit!

{Images via Polyvore and SPORTSGIRL}

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