Jul 12, 2012

Crafty Minx...

The world around us continually inspires our life and our look and here at The Look Lite these are the things that have been influencing us this week :
- watching Project Runway episodes back-to-back
- visiting the Finders Keepers Markets last weekend
- getting ready to go to fashion school

With this screen grab of wisdom we feel inspired to add a little bespoke to our lives.
And also we got stuck trawling the Urban Outfitters website 
- we die
and here are a few crafty tidbits we just couldn't pass up...

{ECOTE tassel clutch $29.99}

{REMI & REID paintball clutch $59.95}

{URBAN RENEWAL crocheted hobo bag $19.99}

{A.V. donut-chord bracelet in assorted colours $39.99}

{ALPINE WEB bangle bracelet in assorted colours $9.99}

{Images created via Polyvore}

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