Jun 29, 2012

Friday Fashion Files - MAN STYLE

We tend to think that guys have it easy when it comes to dressing day-to-day.
But, like the man-flu, get them started on the issue and it becomes a whole big deal...
So if, like Melanie Griffith put it in Working Girl, you "have a mind for business and a body for sin", let's put these two together, get a bit clever and borrow from the boys...

But don't go reaching for the brill cream just yet.
International fashion houses, from the likes of Stella McCartney to YSL, have made man-style dressing a major moment year after year.  Feel free to embrace the head-to-toe guy get-up, or take a few select pieces and add an edge to your working girl look.

{WITCHERY wide collar double breasted jacket $149.95}

*Embrace the very of-the-moment boxy silhouette and standout finishes [large buttons, front feature pockets, cuff detail] and rock the 'pea coat' vibe.  This jacket, a style originally worn by European sailors, is made of 100% high density wool and is fully lined for even the coldest of sea breezes or corporate takeovers.

{PORTMANS gemma grey suit pant $69.95}

*Who wears the pants???  You do - of course.  [Forget them and it could get weird...]
Slip these babies on and your outfit is half-way there.  
Dress them up or down, wear with heels or flats - opt for some flashy statement jewels to offset the classic front pleat and smash through the glass ceiling in style.

{FRENCH CONNECTION fast block silk LS shirt $99.95}

*Don't forget to be playful.  Dressing like a boy gives you a licence to thrill, and a colourful button down is a brilliant place to start.  Express your inner geek and close the deal with the confidence only a sharp, contrast collar can achieve.  Add chunky gold watch and pointy heels for extra credit.

So Ladies, let's stick it to the man!

{Images created via Polyvore}

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